STUDIO FOUR SIX FOUR | Product & Design
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Whether you want to liven your social media presence, tell the story of your brand or feature a seasonal campaign, we can help. If you simply don’t know where to start with creating fresh images for your website, we’re your people!


We work with you to design marketing images that create value for both your brand and your audience. Your personal image built into your marketing builds connection and trust with your audience while fostering customer brand loyalty. Let us know your visual needs, and we can provide creative direction, photography & styling, and organize all your portrait and product photo shoots.


We work with passionate makers, creatives and designers who are eager to move their brands forward. Don’t let anyone tell you Silicon Valley is all work and no play. We love our creative cocktails with others to include a twist of the non-traditional, & mixed with a dash of fun.


We want to enjoy working with you, while we make sure the way your brand looks, fits with the qualities you’d like your brand to reflect.




Listening to your business needs, we assess your goals, and connect again later, to discuss our solutions for your brand. Our services include;


-product and portrait shots

-concepts for brand essence and campaigns, including brainstorming, moodboards, and seasonal storyboards

-photo styling, including the provision of props, and sourcing materials


Every project is different, therefore we have no one size fits all rate solution.


Let’s talk about your project and we’ll shoot you a custom quote depending on your visual needs, and their designated platform.

Excited about your brand?