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Features. Adventures. Happenings.

Not Only In Dreams

Recently, we spent some time in The Big Easy. How was our stay? Let’s put it this way. I’ve traveled many places, but this one stole my heart. If it were possible for us to live anywhere else right now, I’d choose New Orleans.READ MORE

Hands, Heart & Art

Photographing Artist & Designer Megan was an absolute delight. She loves color and all things bright. It seems slightly odd that I would later find a preference for making many of her images black and white~READ MORE

Family Fall Feature

The Olson Family were one of many families who planned well for their Christmas Card photos. The beginning of the Fall season truly is the best and perfect time to book a session. Being Australian, unaccustomed to all the holiday season traditions and events, honing my skills in advance planning for these photo sessions has been quite an education!READ MORE

Say Your Goodbyes

Just weeks before I left Australia to begin my new, married life in the US, I took a overnight roadtrip with friends from Sydney to Canberra. It’s a bittersweet moment, to say the least, and I will refrain from too much mush.READ MORE

Lifestyle Portraits

Women often ask me to photograph them because they don’t believe they are photogenic, or simply don’t have a recent, good quality photo of themselves. I love updating profile and portrait images, but the best part is relishing the opportunity to help someone realize they are not as camera shy, as they had first believed. READ MORE

Behind The Scenes

Meet the team of our last shoot through some behind-the-scenes snaps.. I had a great experience with this team. Thanks to all for your hard work and preparation!READ MORE

Audrey’s First Birthday

Last weekend I was invited to a very special birthday. Audrey was turning one, and Audrey’s mum had decorated and baked so prettily, I just had to snap a few shots of the sweet gals and goodies. Here’s the birthday girl, her big sister Maisie, and all the pink!READ MORE

Capitola Love

With a capital L. Well, I’m not sure if you could call it love just yet, as I haven’t spent a great deal of time with Capitola. Still, with the little amount of time we’ve spent together, I know I am infatuated with her pizza and her ocean air.READ MORE

Light Saber. Camera. Action.

Darren’s shoot took place last Saturday, on May 4 in Berkeley. We planned to incorporate a little lighting fun. What timing. Up until that point, we believed we had successfully avoided all Star Wars Day “May the Fourth be with you” events happening around us. Yet there we were, at the end of the night, playing with lighting, and a lighting apparatus which looked just like a light saber..READ MORE