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Not Only In Dreams

Recently, we spent some time in The Big Easy. How was our stay? Let’s put it this way. I’ve traveled many places, but this one stole my heart. If it were possible for us to live anywhere else right now, I’d choose New Orleans.


NOLA, I absolutely adore you. You, and your multifaceted character and your beauty in both grandeur & in ruin. Your truly outré soul. Your stunning textures & green surrounds. Your heart-achingly beautiful architecture. Your incredibly complex, and simple comfort food. I don’t care what they say about you, I know your streets smell like heavenly jasmine, smokey tobacco, warm spices and pure, raw history.


My fondest first memory will always be sultry, balmy nights on the back of Tim’s hired motorcycle, meandering through French Quarter & Garden District, and filling my senses with the soulful atmosphere. Live music, and jazz drifting from every street corner, carrying the perfect life soundtracks. Yes, you, dear Crescent City, truly know how to live, wearing celebration on your sleeve.


I spent so much sighing and soaking it all in here, I hardly had a moment to take out my camera, so I shot mostly on my phone. Here’s the few images that serve as my visual memories- nothing compared to the those that live on in my mind.