STUDIO FOUR SIX FOUR | Hands, Heart & Art
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Hands, Heart & Art

Photographing Artist & Designer Megan was an absolute delight. She loves color and all things bright. It seems slightly odd that I would later find a preference for making many of her images black and white~


For her images, Megan wanted to include the tools she loves, and foremost uses to create her artwork. -Hands, Paint and Flowers. She is well-immersed in many creative projects with (and beyond) these tools, so naturally, they were a perfect fit to include into her new portraits for her website.


Making her own flower crown just before we started the shoot at my new home studio, Megan and I had a great time chatting and exchanging stories. She has a passion for pursuing creative projects for the goal of community enhancement and education. As she spoke, I found her hands were often as expressive as her eyes..