STUDIO FOUR SIX FOUR | Behind The Scenes
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Behind The Scenes

Meet the team of our last shoot through some behind-the-scenes snaps.. I had a great experience with this team. Thanks to all for your hard work and preparation!

Maie of Maiden Threads // Maie has a dark aesthetic.
She loves black. But the whole colour spectrum found her on this day, in her living room, during the downtime of this shoot.

Here’s proof it happened.

Maie is without a doubt one of the most creative and talented people I’ve ever met. She is married to styling and fashion, yet everything she turns her hand to otherwise exhibits her vision, and exudes her very distinct style. I have mad respect for her innate talent and her perceptive eye.

Rennan // Awesome Illustrator & All Round-Creative.
I’m not exactly sure how he escaped my lens so well on this day. Too busy working that awesome hair and makeup no doubt! I can however, feature his (mostly leg) photobombs. You’re welcome?

Brandy // Work Experience Assistant.
Great gal and great help as stand-in model when me setting up shots. Thanks Brandy! 🙂
Sepideh // Fab Model.
You saw her in the finals last post. Here’s her relief on hearing  “It’s a wrap” or more accurately- her relief on no more ‘no smiling’ instruction from me. The girl couldn’t help it!
Moi // Photographery.
At least the back of, courtesy of Brandy’s Instagram. Having a good time. Most likely shouting ‘no smiling! its fashion.’
Thanks again all. It was a pleasure. I’ll leave you with just one more. Ummm…