STUDIO FOUR SIX FOUR | Light Saber. Camera. Action.
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Light Saber. Camera. Action.

Darren’s shoot took place last Saturday, on May 4 in Berkeley. We planned to incorporate a little lighting fun. What timing. Up until that point, we believed we had successfully avoided all Star Wars Day “May the Fourth be with you” events happening around us. Yet there we were, at the end of the night, playing with lighting, and a lighting apparatus which looked just like a light saber..


A fellow photographer, Darren was happy to wander all across Berkeley looking for great backdrops and break to grab a bite to eat, enjoy good company, and soak in the Berkley vibe. Every perfect day ends with ice-cream, and this day was no exception.


Thanks Darren for such a fun shoot, here’s a snippet of our afternoon, into the evening shoot with ‘a boy named su’